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Uploaded:08:50, 31st Mar 2014
Last Updated:22:38, 31st Mar 2014
Type:Role Playing Game / RPG
Category:Medieval / Warcraft
Map Size:256x256
Playable Map Size:244x244
Suggested Players:3-8 Players
Rating by users:4.67 (9 votes)

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Map Status
Map Type: Open Role Playing Game (ORPG)
Map Size: 256 X 256 (Epic)
Suggested Players: 3 - 8 Players
Materials: Total Conversion
Current Size: 6,59 MB

Vote the Project on MODBB:

World of Warcraft: Heroes Return is an epic total conversion Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game (MORPG) that inspired from original World of Warcraft franchise that developed by Blizzard. I'm trying to made the 1st ever WoW total conversion in multiplayer ORPG version (as I haven't seen any). As an ORPG, the project is designed to be played by multiplayer in order to experience a better result playing the game (especially for ORPG fans). My aim on this project is to create a simple yet fancy and fun gameplay with eye catching fantasy-like terrain and effect that able to made the players has a World of Warcraft feeling when playing the game.

Note: Though it's a WoW total conversion project, I'm trying to keep the size low by reducing each model polies, as well as unnecessary keyframes on models animation, so most of the WoW materials I'm using in are edited for personal usage on this project. Map is protected to make the size even smaller.

There are currently 12 available classes from original World of Warcraft available, 10 playable classes (Orc Warrior (Arms)Human Paladin (Protection)Human Death Knight (Frost)Orc Death Knight (Blood)Night Elf Rogue (Assasination)Orc Hunter (Survival)Night Elf Hunter (Marksmanship)Blood Elf Mage (Fire)Human Mage (Frost) and Draenei Priest (Holy)) and 2 iconic characters from Warcraft III history as a secret characters (Arthas Menethil (Paladin) and Grom Hellscream (Warrior)) which can be played by entering a secret code that you can get as you play the game further.
Character model and abilities concept might be changed anytime as the progress updated.

Class List (Screenshot Preview and Statistic) 

Instead of medievalist one, I'd go for a fantasy theme kind of terrain for the project. Some cracked area terrain on this project is inspired from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch when there's a crack on land filled with magma deep in caused by Deathwing. Here's current screenshots of terrain looks (you can check my album to see the progress of the terrain from the early alpha until it is now).
These terrain design might be change and improved from time to time as the project progressing by.

Cities (Current Looks | 6 Pictures) 

Continents (Current Looks | 8 Pictures) 

Dungeons (Current Looks | 6 Pictures) 

Ingame Screenshot (First Impression Looks | 4 Pictures) 

 Total Conversion
With most materials (which has been massively poly reduced by myself into the lowest size) imported from World of Warcraft, to make the player experience the World of Warcraft feeling when playing the map!

 Beautiful Terrain
Explore the world from a dreamy forest, into a foggy land of the past, with a cracking lava over the lands caused by Deathwing's Wrath previously known as "The Cataclysm".

 Over 10 Classes and 2 Secret Characters to Choose
Play as certain classes from World of Warcraft or as a classic character of legend. You decide your role as the new Heroes of Azeroth!

 Interactive NPC
You can interact with each NPC you've meet. From talking blab, listening to a short lore, or even gaining information about some game secrets.

 Custom Weapon Attachment
Bored of unchangeable weapon on previous version? You can change your weapon attachment visual now as you change your weapon. More than 30 fancy World of Warcraft weapon attachments! (with size massively reduced in milkshape by myself)

 Custom BGM
A calming BGM, Castaways from WoW: Cataclysm soundtrack.

 Developed Creeps
Each creeps has their own status differently, as well as their own abilities (and at least 1 active ability each, so the battle ain't about only hack and slash!). Creeps type divided into 4: Normal, Dungeon, Elite and Boss.

No RPG would be complete without a dungeon, dungeon enemies drops more valuable items than non-dungeon enemies. You can go further into depth of dungeon by removing invisible pathing blocker by defeating each Bosses.

 Challenging Bosses
Even more challenging and almost not possible if you challenge them alone!

 Inventory System
You can only carry 1 item per-type!

 Open World PvP
Just make sure to type -PvPON to activate it, and you can do PvP with other active player anytime, anywhere (except while staying on the city).

 More Than 200 Items
From common Tier 1 item to a legendary tier 8 item to collect with fancy tooltips description, more higher the creeps classification that you kill, more higher the item tier you'll get.

 Some Cameo Appearance NPC
Meet Ozzy Osbourne in the game!

 Map Developer:

 Materials Resources:
Blizzard Entertainment (original World of Warcraft meshes, textures and icons), Ddahe, Blackstorm, LongbowMan (WoW Models), Judash and JetFangInferno (SFXs), Paladon (Knockback System), CRAZYRUSSIAN (Command Interface Icons), JesusHipster (CastingBar Model), AnimE (Dropped Items base model mesh), Kitabake (Armor Item attachment model mesh that I'm using for base armor dropped item)

Most of the materials I'm using are: edit, created, geomerge, model mesh + texture size reduction and Re-UV materials are done by myself for this project purpose usage in order for the finest size and able to be played multiplayer as a WoW total conversion project

 Forum Resources:
Ddahe Cafe, Warcraft Underground, Hive Workshop, XGM

 Special Thanks:
Blizzard as a World of Warcraft developer and also for their World Editor engine

 Forum Special Thanks:
Hive Workshop

 Original Artwork for Loading Screen:
Blizzard Entertainment (Unknown Artist Name)

 Music Theme:
Castaways (from WoW: Cataclysm Game Soundtrack)
Composed and arranged by Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Neal Acree and David Arkenstone (Blizzard Entertainment)

 Site Reference:
WoW Head, WoW Wiki, Wikipedia (various NPC cameo references)

 Project Changelog:

Changelog (Version 1.0) 

Moderator Comments (Useful)

06:37, 1st Apr 2014
Hell_Master: Map approved with a rating of 3/5 (Acceptable). See moderator's review regarding the map:

Originally Posted by Hell_Master 
Review emerges!

I have played your map and I must say it's a decent type of an RPG packed with a great terrain, and you can really feel the essence of the WoW game into it.

As I've said, the terrain is simply amazing. Terrain is pretty much detailed and it captured the fantasy looks of the WoW with your own image of how Azeroth looks like.

As a RPG though, it's decent. It could be fun but simply what you'll be doing is killing creeps, Elites and finally bosses and a little of quests seeing that there are still few quests. But it's worth with all those things and also talking to each NPCs for secrets and etc. I really liked also the way that there are now certain limitations to the equipments you are acquiring and what's better is it arranges by itself but as what the others said here, even with full inventory, I think you should still be able to stack potions or scrolls whenever you have it in your full inventory. There are quite a decent amount of equipments in-game but you surely would be staying alot with the same equipment because creeps drops the same things over and over again, at least for my experience with the game. The bosses are realy challenging but their drops are simply getting too much repetitive. In my experience, it only dropped a Serenity and a Scroll and no drop after that. I was hoping for another equipment of different classification to drop but it looks like that's all but the gold and honor rewards are worth the fight though, really worth it. The descriptions looks sweet and organized (lots of colored texts to depict things), grammar looks good but there are some that can be improved and etc.

Overall, I'll end it here. For me, I can approve this with a rating of 3/5 (Acceptable).

This map is approved and works properly.

(6.59 MB, 2564 Downloads)

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